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Rasmus, Keld og KimDM Motors Denmark started up in 2008 in collaboration with Dutchi Motors BV in the Netherlands.


Dutchi Motors BV had engaged in the production and distribution of electric motors for over 35 years. At the same time, the three co-owners together have more than 30 years of experience in sales and consulting.
The idea was to sell directly from the Dutch stock, and only have a small warehouse in Denmark with small motors. 


After two years, we had to change the strategy, as Dutchi Motors BV, in 2010, was sold to another company. 


We started a direct import of all motors and extended our store with two warehouses. The newest warehouse gave us an extra 500 pallet spaces.
The three co-owners bought back the shares, so today Dutchi Danmark A/S it is 100% owned by Rasmus Lundgaard Jensen, Keld Johannessen and Kim Christensen.



The DM Motors brand is a strong selection of high quality electric motors

Our motors are solidly designed according to our own specifications and provisions with IEC / DIN & VDE standards.

In Denmark we have a wide and deep stock range of motors and worm gears. In addition, we have further access to large stores throughout Europe and can offer deliveries directly from our factories.


A large inventory of various motors ensures fast transmission and overnight deliveries. We also produce motors for storage as well as for unique customer

Our technical department has comprehensive and detailed software and drawing programs, that support the best possible solutions for special queries.

Our strategy is: With best quality and highest level of service, to deliver as soon as possible to all our customers.

We have opened a sales department of DM Motors in Shanghai, China


Here we can service our Chinese customers. But also Danish companies that have moved their production to China and wants the same high level of service and excellent cooperation, that we offer to our customers in Denmark and Europe.


DM Motors Denmark received in 2012 and 2013 the Gazelle award


Årets gazelle 2012The newspaper Børsen has every year since 1995 identified Denmark's growth elite, and the gazelle has grown into a part of the Danish language as a synonym for growing businesses.


In short, the definition of a gazelle: A company that over the past four years has had continuous growth in revenue or 

gross profit and overall has more than doubled revenue or gross profit in the period.


The selection is carried out by Greens Analysis and criterias are objective and based on data from Equity A / S.




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